About Us

Hi! Thanks for coming to check out my "About Us" page. Us is really me, with my wife and kids hovering around and inspiring me to keep keepin' on. And Me is Peter. 

I called my business Roaming Crow because that's sometimes how I think of myself - an old crow, roaming around the Maritimes mostly. I like to   

I have had this creative urge inside of me for as long as I can remember. I just love to make stuff! Sometimes that's physical art, furniture, laser cut, graphic and clothing design, photography, sculpture... I've dabbled in it all.  And I love it all. 

Fortunately for a creative guy like me, I grew up with a lot of creative influences and a Dad who taught me early on that "If you're bored, that's your own fault." 

I started Roaming Crow as a creative outlet for me to share the stuff I'm making  - and of course, provide it to people who also like it. I like making my own ideas into a reality, whether through art or design, and sharing those ideas with the greater world. I've always sort of labeled myself as an "idea guy."  

In junior high I created my first company and called it Young Enterprises. The problem with being an artist, though, is that business is not second nature. I gave away a lot of gift certificates for "A Free Piece of Art" - which has come back to bite me 20+ years after the fact as I did not include an expiry date or any limitations. ha! 

Roaming Crow is a business that celebrates roots. It's about the people, places, and things that make living in Atlantic Canada so great. It’s about life and living, history, humour, environment, wildlife, and recognition. It's about art, about being creative, and about what catches your eye as you roam.

Based in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Roaming Crow is a company with an eye on environmental impact. I take an eco-responsible approach. Rather than produce a bunch of product that may not sell and requires storage and electricity to keep, all of my items are produced at the time the order is placed. This also avoids the commonplace practice of destroying unsold items, which also requires energy and creates pollution. This practice may sometimes cause items to take a little bit longer than Amazon's two day shipping as some items will not dispatch for 3-7 business days.

As a small Prince Edward Island business, I hope that you can appreciate my approach and be patient if your product takes up to 4 weeks to arrive. Typical shipping time is under 3 weeks, but occasionally there are hiccups! 

Thank you for visiting and supporting my small Prince Edward Island business!